Telephony & Internet

The Internet and Telephony infrastructure at Blue Mountain Village is provided by Clearwire Communications. Clearwire has vast experience in IT and Communications and is therefore well suited to offer these solutions at Blue Mountain Village.

All premises will connect to the network and will have the following basic services:

Telephony & Internet Services:

  • Free Voice mail /call answer
  • Free calls within BMV
  • Free home line rental with a 044805**** no
  • Free itemized billing
  • Attractive call options
  • Free 3 Gb Data per month
Optional: Fast broadband packages (Wireless)
  • 10 GB – R125.00
  • 20 GB – R250.00
  • 100GB – R550.00
  • 200 GB – R650.00
  • 300 GB – R850.00
  • 8Mb/s Uncapped – R850
Fast broadband packages (Fibre)
  • 20 GB – R125.00
  • 50 GB – R250.00
  • 100GB – R500.00
  • 15Mb/s Uncapped – R850
  • 20Mb/s Uncapped – R950
  • 30Mb/s Uncapped – R1050

Please note the optional data packages includes the free 3GB available to BMV and BMRE households

– Internal telephone system with individual calls, free;
– Main gate intercom connected to the internal telephone system;
– Maintenance costs for the network and telephony are part of the Estate levy.

The data costs for the internet and telephony costs will be on an individual billing with Clearwire. Telephony hardware, i.e. telephones and peripheral equipment, will be available at Clearwire.

The telephony solutions dictate that special telephone handpieces be used. Different models will be made available. There are “converters” available that make it possible for normal telephones to be used.

Clearwire has an office situated on the Estate in the Maintenance building and is always available for any needs.

Communication Design Specifications:

UB-7 Box Slide Lid (in Garage wall) OD 300 x 300 x 150mm with 220 V socket.

Draw wire to be installed in conduit. All conduits originate at UB-7 Box (min 20mm) (Star Configuration).

One conduit from UB-7 Box to roof, highest point i.e. chimney.

One to outside garage at street level terminating in J2 (for FTTH).Minimum of 2 Communication points i.e. kitchen /foyer, study, TV, bedroom. Power outlets to be adjacent to all communication points.

Communications conduit cannot contain other cables i.e. electrical cable, DSTV.

Application Forms: